Rescued walkers' appeal for lost rucksack

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Rescued walkers' appeal for lost rucksack

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Rescued walkers' appeal for lost rucksack


Two rescued walkers who stashed a bag on a mountain now need help finding their left-behind luggage.

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Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue helped them descend Tryfan, in Snowdonia, on Sunday after becoming stuck on a crag.

Their shouts for help were heard by two mountain rescue members who went to investigate after calling 999.

An outdoor instructor also heard them and climbed to help. He led them to a ridge where they met three mountain rescuers for the walk down.

But now they are hoping someone might spot their missing rucksack.

An Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue spokesman said: "During their adventure, the casualties had stashed their rucksack near the Cannon Rock.

"But their diversion meant they were unable to pick it back up.

"If anyone happens past and feels they can recover it, please drop it at base so we can reunite them."
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