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Delete Database

Post by Jay »

While learning Kexi made a Database and now I want to delete from Kexi I can't find the
database delete command deletes the file from the directory where was saved but still
the database name is on Welcome page click on it says "Could not open project file --------- .Kexi does not exist."
Appreciate for some one help me to delete this database name.
Thank you
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Re: Delete Database

Post by Abavo »

To delete a database you need the command 'DROP DATABASE'. The syntax is similar to creating a database. 'DROP DATABASE <name>;', where <name> is the name of the database you want to delete.
But, I wouldn't delete any databases, but make a copy and save it in the drive. In case your excel documents are connected with one another, and by accident, you will delete one, then you will lose data from all documents. In addition, starting from the bottom lead enrichment and creating a new database will be tougher than you expect.
You will always have time to delete data, better save it for now.
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